Hydroelectric Power Plants Automation

We are specialized in automation of all types of hydroelectric plants, whether new construction or remodeling. We work with different types of turbines, whether Kaplan, Pelton or Francis, with powers from 50 kW up to 20 MW.

We integrate all the field elements present in the hydroelectric power station in one or several PLC's, facilitating a faster and controlled start-up (see SCDi System system). These PLC's are connected by a fiber optic ring at high speed.

There are different levels of supply:

Is the complete system, in which the control system is in charge of all the tasks of regulation of the hydroelectric power station. In this system, Bobitècnic will supply and install a set of electrical panels, with a representative synoptic of the installation on the front, and with the necessary electrical controls for a correct start up of the installation. Along with the synoptic, the installation can be operated with a last generation touch screen also integrated in the frontal of these electrical cabinets. As remote control options, there are three other options. For more information see SCDi System.
scdi peq


RAK-205 regulation system includes the control of all the elements related to the hydraulic system of control of speed charge of the turbine. It is oriented to installations where another supplier provides control of all the auxiliary elements of the turbine (cooling, lubrication, bilge, etc. groups) and protections of the whole assembly (temperature gauges, generation protections, Flow control, etc.). The RAK-205 control system will control all the elements related to the turbine water supply installed in the plant, in case of pelton turbines, group control, bypass, guard valve, deflectors and injectors. The aim is to provide a global solution of the elements related to the speed-load regulation of the turbine in such a way that a quick start-up of the whole system is achieved. For more information see RAK-205.
rak205 peq

As options to the previous systems, there are avaiable 3 types of remote control:

    This option consists of having a PC in the same plant, with dedicated monitoring software, which is responsible for interrogating and recording the status of the hydroelectric power station along with any incidents that may occur. From this software we can do the same things done from the touch screen of the power plant (which gives redundancy in case of failure), but with many more features such as a much higher data recording capacity. For example, we can look for the temperature curve of a bearing, with data for every second of this temperature depending on the power of the machine and the temperature of the room, allowing at any moment to see trend curves of all the data recorded, as well as export to csv formats for further processing in excel. For more informationopción see scada CLT option.
  • CRT Optión
    This option consists in having a modem connected to the plant PLC, or to the intermediate datalogger, able to see the state of the installation in real time and consult the main historical data such as the alarm register or the main data such as temperatures, powers and levels. This option is much cheaper than the first, and it is not necessary to keep a pc in the installation. The disadvantage is that the volume of data capable of registering is much lower, and to collect data, it is necessary to make a telephone call via modem to the modem of the plant. For more information see CRT.
  • CRT-Online Option
    This option is similar to the CRT, but all communication is done through the internet. Bobitècnic has a dedicated server that is 24 hours a day communicating with the Power Plants. By using a smartphone or tablet, the client connects to this server and is able to see all the data recorded in the program in graphical form, report, and also operate with the power plant sending orders or varying operating setpoints. For more information see  CRT-Online.

 Below there is a list of some hydroelectric plants automated with this system:

Hydroelectric Power Generation References

  • C.H. Valduno II

    C.H. Valduno II

    Nueva instalación 2 Kaplan Vert. 5000 kW HIDROMEDIA - Grado (Oviedo)

  • C.H. La Isla

    C.H. La Isla

    Rehabilitación 2 Kaplan Vert. 2000 kWISLALUZ - Valladolid (Valladolid)

  • C.H. Pedro Ortiz Ramos

    C.H. Pedro Ortiz Ramos

    Nueva instalación 2 Kaplan Vert. 3000 kW Talavera de la Reina (Toledo)

  • C.H. Salto la Breña

    C.H. Salto la Breña

    Rehabilitación 1 Francis C.C. 5500 kWSALTO LA BREñA, S.A. - Almodobar del Rio (Cordoba)

  • C.H. Sant Ponç

    C.H. Sant Ponç

    Nueva instalación 2 Francis C.C. 2235 kWHIDROCARDENER - Emb. Sant Ponç (Lérida)

  • C.H. Yeguas

    C.H. Yeguas

    Rehabilitación 2 Francis C.C. 5000 kWSALTO DE YEGUAS - Marmolejo (Jaén)

  • C.H. San Andrés (Panama)

    C.H. San Andrés (Panama)

    C.H. San Andrés Nueva instalación 2 Francis Vert.  - San Andrés (Panama)

  • C.H. Diuto (Chile)

    C.H. Diuto (Chile)

    Potencia:3000 kW Los Angeles (Chile)

  • E.B.T. BREÑA 2

    E.B.T. BREÑA 2


    2 grupos 19MW 6 Bombas 8MW 2 Bombas 2MW


  • C.H. Prullans

    C.H. Prullans

    Nueva instalación  Pelton 1 inyector 3000 KW

  • C.H. Torremontalvo

    C.H. Torremontalvo

    Nueva instalación 2 kaplan verticales 2200 KW

  • C.H. La Roca

    C.H. La Roca

    Nueva instalación Francis horizontal c. cerrada 90 KW Graus (Huesca)

  • C.H. Pont de Bar

    C.H. Pont de Bar

    Nueva instalación 1 Francis Horizontal C. Cerrada 2709 kW 1 Francis Horizontal C. Cerrada 2236 kW Pont de Bar (Lerida)


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