Integrated Building Automation

Nowadays, the maintainer of any building demands open protocol, due to past bad experiences with closed manufacturers protocols.
That is why in Bobitecnic, and its control building department has opt for LonWorks  lonworks protocol .

Lonworks is an open protocol monitored by Echelon. At present, there are more than 4000 manufacturers using this technology to develop their product ranges, with a volume of installed equipment higher than 90 million devices.

What guarantees the protocol, is the intercommunication of equipment of different manufacturers without having to do any type of integration, and therefore, without any added cost.

The following figure represents an example of installation using this protocol, where we can see equipment from different manufacturers, communicating between them without any additional integration.

The vast majority of auxiliary equipment, such as chillers, boilers, drives, meters, ... have as an option a communication card with this protocol, so if we use it, later, we will be able to give On / Off orders to the equipment, see data such as consumption, operating hours, alarms and a large number of parameters. 

esq lonworksWhat the protocol ensures is, for example, that a variable of the temperature type is treated by all manufacturers in the same way, that it is not the case that one treats it in floating type, the other in decimal, ...
At Bobitecnic, together with the Lonworks protocol, we have opted for the Schneider - Struxureware range of products by offering a wide range of products, technologically advanced and with good value for money.

The monitoring software used is the StruxureWare, which is a software focused on the 100% building control sector, with many management functionalities, and with a very intuitive graphical interface. It is a multi-position software, being able to have several control points, either through workstations (StruxureWare Workstation), or via web browser (StruxureWare Webstation).

The same software supports the connection to Pelco Digital Sentry video recorders, so that we can directly view the real time of cameras in the building control software as well as see possible incidents.

Another functionality of the same software is that it can also be used for the management of the access control system, being able to represent on screen the different locks existing in the building, and being able to manipulate them at a distance.

The fire station (Pelco / Esmi brand) can also be integrated by means of a fire-lonworks gateway, being able to graphically represent all existing sensors in the building on the floor plan.

The following is an example of the global architecture of a medium-sized building:

red edificio

In the previous figure, we can see that we have an ethernet network as main in the building, which communicates us the monitoring PCs between them, and with the router lonworks, as well as with the video recorder of the building and with the access control system.

As an option, it can also communicate other systems, using the OPC (Ole Process Control) system, and it can integrate data such as consumption controls or third-party data (these must have the OPC server part).

Vista01 Vista02

To sum up, what we are offering, is a single system for the entire building control, which will simplify the infrastructure to keep from day to day and training users, being able to centralize all in one point.


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