Energy Rate and Certification

The energy rating is the result of the calculation of the energy consumption necessary to satisfy the energy demand of a building under normal conditions of operation and occupation.

It classifies the buildings into a series of seven letters, where the letter G corresponds to the least efficient building and the letter A to the most efficient building according to energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to a base building of similar typology and location.

At the end of the study an energy rating of the building is obtained and a certificate with the corresponding energy efficiency label is awarded:

  • The certificate of energy efficiency is a document that verifies the conformity of qualification of energetic efficiency obtained and that allows the issuance of the label of energetic efficiency of the building.
  • The energy efficiency label is the hallmark of the level of energy efficiency rating achieved by the building or part of the building.
The energy certificate is compulsory in the following cases:

  • New construction buildings.    
  • Buildings or parts of existing buildings that are sold or rented to a new tenant. Part of a building is understood as the unit, floor, living place or apartment in a building or premises intended for independent use or of a different legal ownership, designed or modified for independent use.
  • Existing buildings or parts of buildings in which a public entity occupies a total useful floor area of ​​more than 500 m2 and which are usually frequented by the public and from 9th of July 2015 when its total floor area exceeds 250 m2, and From 31st of December 2015, when the total useful floor area exceeds 250 m2 and is leased.

The energy efficiency certificate will have a maximum validity of 10 years, although it can be renewed by the client voluntarily if there are modifications.

Our technicians are specialists in the management of energy rating programs recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism: CE3X and CALENER.


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