Climate control, together with lighting, is the main factor to be taken into account for a rational and efficient use of energy.


Climate can be controled by zones, or by individual spaces with better energy efficiency, thanks to the combination with motion sensors, presence sensors, open window contacts ...

Zone Control


In zone control, or by groups of fancoils, general schedules are stablished in which the climate will be activated. When the climate is active, it will try to reach a preset temperature setpoint in the monitoring system, and can stop acting depending on indoor or outdoor temperatures, achieving direct savings.

Spaces Control


With the individual control, each space has a control element that is in charge of controlling the ventilation velocities of the equipment, as well as the equipment cold / heat valves.


As inputs to the controller, there is the wall thermostat, which provides you with most of the parameters (temperature, setpoint, offset ...), as well as other sensors such as drive temperature transducer (limited air temperature impulse) , dirty filters, humidity, occupation, etc.


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