Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Maintenance is a basic tool for the proper work and cost effectiveness of all types of machinery.

Maintenance tasks can be divided in the following types:


Corrective maintenance repairs or replaces components or installations that have caused a breakdown. This is done when a fault has occurred and will be repaired in the shortest time possible for the system to continue working.


Maintenance in which supervisory or replacement controls are performed in fixed periods of time. We have infrared temperature measurement tools (see Termographic Services), which allows to perform this type of maintenance in optimum conditions. l



Predictive maintenance tries to detect faults and defects of the machinery in the initial stages to avoid major problems and breakdowns causing stops in the system and losses due to production interruption.


The conductive maintenance consists of the control and annotation of consumptions, performance and operating parameters, safety devices, creation of documents for the physical presence of the technicians and the operations performed...


Regulatory maintenance consists of a series of mandatory inspections that must be carried out in accordance with the current legislation applicable to each type of installation.
A new industry law, forces the user to carry out an annual check of the protections of power lines.



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