Thermographic Services

With the realization of a thermographic study you can perform preventive and corrective maintenance tasks in all types of installations. These cameras have the ability to capture infrared radiation that can detect anomalous temperatures that at first sight is imperceptible.

In a thermographic study, photographs of points that may appear anomalous to be analyzed later are taken. All photographs are next to real photographs for easy assimilation of the critical point.

During the study it is not necessary to interrupt the industrial processes or machinery, since it is precisely when it is best to detect anomalies in the systems. In electrical components that allows to locate a connection or faulty component, which does anticipate the correction of the defect minimizing the damages in the installation.
In buildings can be detected insulation defects, thermal bridges, air infiltrations, humidities... which will help to find a way to correct the deficiencies to no longer waste energy and save money.

We can make different types of studies adapted to all needs:


  • Preventive maintenance of industrial machinery
  • Overheating detection of power lines
  • Electric motors bearings in bad condition
  • Study of energy losses in a building
  • Detection of thermal bridges and humidities
  • Detection of air infiltrations
  • Detection of uninsulated pipes or insulating in bad conditions
Here are some examples of the multiple uses of this tool:

Taking a single infrared picture, can be seen that something is not quite right.

irf002 irf003

If is analyzed in detail can be seen that there is an interconnection point that overheats abnormally due to an overload of energy. Without a thermography system, we would have had to check the consumptions one by one to find this overload.


Here there is an example of uninsulated heating pipes. Insulating from the boiler to the radiators will increase the performance of the system and water will reach higher temperature.

Humidities can be detected in ceilings and facades as we can observe in the dark part of the image below:

In unsealed facades we will see the thermal bridges that we have in the structure and we will look for solutions or improvement:

Despite doors and windows seem to close well, we can see if there are air infiltrations from the outside:


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